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Break 5 habits for weight loss

  • Drinking liquids other than water.
Yes its an absolutely bad idea to drink you calories. Even those juices we see in our grocery ailes if its not fresh squeezed juice it most likely contains a lot of sugar. Of course if you need to drink your coffee and tea please do so but no sugar or milk.
  • Eating snacks that are not fruit or vegetables
One way to really jump on this wagon, is to get rid of whatever conventional snacks you have in your pantry. Also when you go grocery shopping, do not buy snacks just stick to fruits. It may be hard at first but after a couple of weeks it gets better.
Also keep ready to eat veggies nearby at work so that when you feel the hunger pang thats the first available snack.
  • Eating Sugar. 
Absolutely no sugar except those naturally found in fruits
  • Drinking water after your meal. 
You should instead drink a glass of water before you begin eating. This willl help you control your portions therefore you eat less.
  • full fat dairy and large meat portions
For diary products, stick to low fat or skim milk. As for meat, poultry, fish, stick to about 3 ounces of meat on a daily consumption.

It's challenging to try breaking all these habits at once may be challenging. It's best to instead try breaking a couple of habits per week or one habit per week.

Bonus points: if you manage to break all the habits above we have some bonus points for you.
  • Cut down on eating out (by about 80% or if possible dont eat out at all)
  • No watching TV while eating. This is becnause when you eat whike watching Tv it becomes a mindless activity and you tend to overeat.
  • Start drinking your coffee and tea straight up, with no sugar or milk/creamer.
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