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An Obvious Weight Loss Trick

Eating your fruits and veggies!
Yep I did say obvious in the title. 
Although this is something we all know we should be eating our vegetables, but how often do this. 
A big part of most african diets contain a lot of carbohydrates and starches. For  example almost every west african dinner or party i've been to contains mostly things like rice and garri or other cassava products.

Ok taking a step back, how many servings of fruits and vegetables should you have per day?

If you know the answer to this, you are already on the right track.

You should be eating at least four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit.
With vegetables and fruits you can eat generous portions while consuming fewer calories in a meal. Therefore eating more fruits and vegetables means a lower number on the scale.

How can you start incorporating more fruits and vegetables:
  1. vegetables should take up the largest portion of your dinner plate.
  2. eat fruits and vegetables first instead of at the end of your meal.
  3. start snacking on fruits instead of processed snacks.
  4. Try out frozen vegetables they are convenient and easy.
  5. Try adding fruits like banana or pawpaw to your breakfast yoghurt or cereal.
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