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Healthy New Lifestyle

When the new year began, I made a resolution along with millions of people. This year rather than go on multiple diets, I decide I would lose weight the healthy way. Without doing much research I decided to eat healthy. I did make some improvements like drinking fruit juice once a week and eating mostly seafood rather than red meat and of course cutting down on carbs. Well as you may have already guessed, I did not really follow through. The more hectic my schedule became, the more I deviated from my original plan. I caught myself and reverted back to my original plan. This time around I did the necessary research and incorporated my findings into my new healthy diet. This time around I did a better job of sticking to the plan. In the midst of all this I decided to weigh myself, because I hadn’t done so in the longest time. To say I was surprised at the number, would be an understatement. In that same moment I experienced confusion, sadness and worst of all, I felt a disappointment in myself. I did not realize that in less than two years I had managed to gain over 30 pounds. I guess you could say this was my turnaround moment, losing weight became a high priority in my life. I intensified my efforts and two and a half weeks later, which was just yesterday, I weighed myself and I had lost a whopping five pounds. Without any crazy diets but a change in my life style I am beginning to get the desired results. Five pounds may not seem like a lot to some but to me its the motivation I need and the assurance that I am indeed on the right track!
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